Fix our roads — Awoshie residents demand

Residents of Awoshie, a suburb of Accra, have called on the government to fix roads in the area which are in deplorable states.

The residents who are unahppy about the state of the roads said businesses had been closed down due to the poor nature of the roads.

Aside from the collapse of businesses, the poor nature of the roads, most of them dusty, were giving resident many health problems, including chest infections.

They said if the roads in Awoshie were fixed, the journey from Kasoa to places like Santa Maria and Antieku would have lasted for a mere eight minutes rather than the half an hour it takes to get to those places currently due to the rocky nature of the road.


A taxi driver who narrated his predicament on the road said it was about time the authorities fixed the roads because residents had been patiently waiting for a long time for that to happen.

“The poor nature of the road often destroy our fuel tanks when it rains. This is because, the topsoil of the land gets eroded each time it rains, thereby unveiling the rocky nature of the road”, he said.


A business woman who lives in the area, in a seperate interview said the residents were not demanding for a first class road but they were only appealing to the government to fix the existing road by laying bitumen on it.

“We do not necessarily need a well constructed road since that can take years to complete. A little work on this road can make it look better,” she said.

She said, customers who frequent her shop were forced to park their vehicles metres away from the shop to make purchase due to the bad nature of the section of the road close to her shop.

“We appeal to you to come to our aid and help us. Our clothes often get dirty with dust any time a vehicle passes by particularly during the harmattan. Catarrh and common cold is a common sickness here. Washed clothes hanged on dry lines end up being dirty due to the dusty and rocky roads and we ran at a loss since we will have to use some of the money to cater for our health and that of our families. “, she said.

SOURCE: Graphic