Self-conscious Brits finally stop worrying about what other people think of them at the age of 46, according to a new poll.

A survey of 2,000 adults aged 55 and over found they feel comfortable in their own skin when they turn 42, and become content in their careers aged 40.

As a result of feeling comfortable in their own skin and ‘unapologetically themselves’, 72 percent of adults feel more ‘content’ in life.

Victoria Betts, from shoe brand, which commissioned the OnePoll survey, said: “Feeling comfort is crucial to being happy in life. But there are so many different areas in life to feel comfortable in, and it’s no wonder it takes Brits until their 40s to tick them all off.

“Our results found nearly seven in 10 adults think it’s important that people should be allowed to be unapologetically themselves. But for many, the desire to fit in, not make waves and go with the flow means they don’t have the confidence to do this until later in life.”

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One in three adults believe becoming a parent was key to them feeling more comfortable in themselves, and a quarter put it down to learning to drive.

Being more comfortable in their own skin made things like speaking in front of a crowd easier for 28 percent of respondents. And 39 percent no longer dread meeting new people and fumbling for ways to make themselves sound interesting.

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However, one in three believe they didn’t feel comfortable in their own skin until later in life than they imagined when they were younger.

Some of the people surveyed said they’d love to encourage their past selves to embrace all of life’s challenges, and learn to take lessons from the hard parts as well as the good.


1. Becoming a parent
2. Getting married
3. Retiring
4. Going traveling
5. Learning to drive
6. Getting on the housing ladder
7. Becoming a grandparent
8. Losing weight
9. Getting a promotion
10. Graduating from university or course