Social media users react to Obuasi wedding after ex-girlfriend of groom-to-be shares story

A wedding ceremony expected to take place today at Obuasi has received reaction from users of social media after an ex-girlfriend of the groom-to-be narrated how she was treated by the man.

A Facebook user named “Comfort Bliss Gh” who according to her narration is the ex of one Richard Agu, said she was unfairly treated during her relationship and has now been dumped for one Benedicta.

“Agu Richard made me use all my life savings on him because he had no one to help him because I was the girlfriend. He asked me to help him enter the Army so when he starts working, he can take care of me through school as he promised,” she narrated.

Comfort further stated that she does not have an issue with Richard finding another woman, however, she will be present at the wedding ceremony to take back the money she invested during her relationship with him.

Her story has resulted in some users threatening the groom-to-be to refund monies taken from his ex or face their wrath.

Some have also threatened to storm the wedding with Bliss.

“All roads lead to Obuasi,” according to social media users.

“Richard, you are to call your ex to settle the case or refund her money back to her. We are carrying out some operations around Obuasi and its environs today, Friday, and Saturday. Listen, dare not! dare not and dare not attempt to do any silly thing.”

“I’m sending this warning to Richard, if he dares do any silly thing, I know some guys will be assigned to grace the wedding but they will not come there to cause mayhem. In case it happens, we will clear him like clearing the galamsey site,” another user commented.

Meanwhile, some users have also indicated that they would prevent any misconduct or chaos from happening at today’s event.

“No one and I repeat no one can create any violence during the ceremony. If she is a lady with two holes, she should try and we are ready and standing by for her…Nonsense..Am done,” a user said.

Source: myjoynews