The 2020 US presidential election is on Tuesday, November 3. Election Day is the day when Americans traditionally go to the polls, but more than 94 million people – a record number – have already cast their vote, either through early in-person voting in their states or by postal vote.

This could mean many US states may not be in a position to declare their results on election night, meaning the victor could take days, and possibly even weeks, to emerge. 

When do we usually get election results?

Usually we receive results from most states on the night of the election, so in most years a winner can be declared on the night. 

However this year, the surge in postal voting has complicated matters. Many states have never had to deal with such large numbers of postal votes before and will not be able to complete the counts on the night. 

To be elected president, a candidate must win at least 270 electoral college votes. Typically it becomes clear on election night which candidate will  meets that threshold, but a drawn-out ballot counting process could mean the country has to wait for several days.

Most polls open at 6am local time and the latest they stay open is 9pm (in New York and North Dakota).

The first polls to close will do so at 7pm EST (12am GMT), and all polling stations will close by 9pm ET on November 3 (2am GMT on November 4).

Source: The Telegraph

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