“Lagos Theatre Festival don give us voice” – Artistes

Theatre fit happen any wia as life no dey restricted

With over 100 theatre shows wey dey for di Lagos theatre festival, artistes dem say di festival don give dem voice and ginger di theatre culture for Nigeria.

Olasukanmi Adebayo, wey produce one of di drama say dis festival dey do wetin sabi pipo call ‘site specific theatre’ and dis mean say dem fit do theatre anywhere and dis be di focus of di festival wey dey show di different unusual ways and place dem wey pipo fit do or go watch drama, like for garden, road side or for even bar.

With artistes like di only naked dancer for Africa Emmanuel Luka Musa and shows from Ghana, US and UK, LTF dey challenge theatre for Nigeria to grow and e dey also torchlight different mata for history and things wey dey happen every day.


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