Snow fall in the UK- Amber weather warning

Hundreds of schools have been closed, flights have been cancelled and police have dealt with serious crashes after heavy snow hit parts of the UK.

Three people died following a crash in Lincolnshire while one man died in a crash in Cambridgeshire, amid warnings of treacherous conditions on roads.

Some flights at Heathrow were cancelled and many rail services were disrupted.

Weather warnings remain in place across the UK, with heavy snow forecast for much of Scotland on Wednesday.

Scotland’s transport minister has warned of potentially “extreme” weather conditions later this week.

An amber warning – meaning a possible risk to life and property – is in place for much of eastern Scotland from 06:00 GMT on Wednesday.

Less severe yellow warnings of snow remain in place

for a much wider area, covering much of Scotland, England and Wales.

Some of the areas worst hit by the snow have been Kent, Surrey, Suffolk and Sussex, where amber Met Office weather warnings have now been lifted.

In Lincolnshire, police said three people died following a crash at about 06:15 GMT on the A15 near Baston.

Officers have not said whether the crash, which involved a blue Renault Clio and a white lorry, was caused by the poor weather, but the force had said that roads in the county were “particularly hazardous”.

Lincolnshire County Council said the road had been gritted in the early hours of Tuesday.


Motorists, meanwhile, have been urged to take extra care and, in the worst affected areas, only travel if really necessary.

The RAC’s Pete Williams advised drivers to check fuel levels, oil, tyre tread and pressure, coolant, lights and screen wash before setting out.

Weather warnings are expected to be in place until the weekend.

Weather warning as issued by the MET office

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